What is rewilding?

rewilding catherine mason

Rewilding is the process of gradually changing something back to its natural state. The term is most often used about places and landscapes, usually when we stop management of the land or reintroduce large wild animals that once lived there. But it also applies to humans. We are not separate from nature. We have been a part of the natural world for hundreds of thousands of years, and only recently have we become “domesticated” ;)

The process of rewilding for us does not mean we have to go back to living in caves and being hunter-gatherers. There are many aspects of our modern society that are wonderful, (prosecco anyone?) and there is no need to live in a cave to feel Wild. What is more important is a mindset shift, to look at our lives as a whole and see where modern life is hurting us, and how we can take aspects of our wild past to help heal those hurts.

Spending time in nature is scientifically proven to help us feel better. It lowers our blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety, improves our mood, confidence and feelings of self-worth, can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart problems and can make us feel more compassionate and empathetic which can help improve our relationships with family and friends. If you can take aspects of the natural world and bring them into your everyday life you begin to rebuild your ancient connection to nature. You will not lose the benefits of modern living, but this process of rewilding will enable you to better deal with the negative aspects of life that our minds and bodies are not adapted for.

The wonderful thing about nature is that it is all around us, it is free and anyone can spend time in it whenever they choose to. For that reason it is possible to rewild your own life completely independently, making it one of the most accessible methods of improving your own wellbeing. However, many people find that they don’t know where to start, or want some guidance while they build up their confidence in dealing with the natural world. This makes sense since our modern society has put great emphasis on our separation from nature, heralding it as a mark of our civilisation. We have become so entrenched in our world of concrete and screens that it is often difficult to know how to break out.

That is where a Rewilding Coach can help. I offer the support and accountability to guide you as you begin your process of rewilding. I can help you learn about the environments you have access to so that you feel comfortable exploring them and developing your connection to the natural world. I will also help you come up with ways to connect with nature if you don’t have much time, or live in a city, or have any other demands sapping your energy. Together we can put the structures in place to make nature a part of your daily life. This journey may continue your entire life, but once you have taken the first step there is no going back.

I currently offer private packages of support ranging from a one-to-one day in the countryside to a 12 week programme of ongoing support in your rewilding journey. For the full details of these packages click below or see the Rewilding Packages pages under the Offerings tab in the menu bar.